Tuesday, December 2, 2014

How to Overcome a Challenge - Bren & Mike Show @MikeMarko1

How to Overcome a Challenge - http://www.urmoneymagnet.com

Bren & Mike Show


What an amazing day. Finally waking up from my turkey coma, and things are all coming together.

And now working in my "lair" on our latest SEO project... almost wrapping it up. Then onto the next big project.

Once you know the "secret" it is easy to duplicate. This time I am adding a twist... the results of continually learning more and more.

A few weeks ago we were dropping out of ranking in Google like crazy.

And I panicked at first.

Yeah, I panicked.

Then I became obsessed (Bren will attest to that). My stubbornness wouldn't let me just walk away even though nothing seemed to stick.

But I wouldn't give up. Bren and I worked hard at trying to get our ranking back. It was then I was reminded of the Will Smith video I posted over a week ago where he said, "if we both get on a treadmill I'm going to out work you, or die trying."

We were on a mission.

And we were not going to give up despite some people telling us to quit and start over... we were in the Google penalty box and there was nothing we could do.

But I didn't believe it.

So I did tons of research.

I did tons of testing.

And I talked to more experts.

Until I finally figured it out.

Not only did I figure it out... but I got some tips to make our blogs even more powerful than before I made what I realize now was a mistake that helped tank our rankings.

It is interesting how by overcoming what seems like impossible odds that you come out better some how from the experience.

Think about that the next time you come up against your own impossible obstacle.

I believe NOTHING is impossible.

If you try again and again.... to go around the obstacle, over the obstacle, and even sometimes through the obstacle, you will overcome it eventually.


You can be really close to achieving success.

But as soon as you QUIT you automatically FAIL no matter how close you were.

I believe in you. You CAN succeed.

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Video: Bren & Mike Show - How to Overcome a Challenge

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