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Making Money with Your Blog, Worry Free

Making Money with Your Blog, Worry Free

At some point in our search for the best way to earn a few extra dollars, we have all seen them. They post on job boards, offering you the opportunity to makes thousands a month, if you just pay them a few hundred or a few thousand dollars. They arrive in your email box, sometimes via the spam folder, promising you hundreds of dollars a day if you give them just a little information. It is no wonder we are cautious of being sold a scam. They are everywhere. 

You can make money online. You can do it safely, preserving your privacy as much as you like. You can do it with little or no money out of pocket, save what it costs you for your internet connection. Using Kalatu, you can begin earning money. How much or how little depends only on you. It can be a few dollars a week to replenish your rainy day fund, or hundreds of dollars a month. It depends on how you choose to make money and how much time and effort you put into it. 

So Many Ways to Make Money with Your Blog

Using your blog on the Kalatu blog, you can make money doing the thing you love to do most – write about your passion. How you choose to make money will depend on your goals for your blog. Knowing how to turn your blog idea into a moneymaking tool, however, can be challenging. Here are some ways that you can make money with your Empower Network Kalatu blog

Generating Ad Revenue through Targeted Content

When we think of making money through blogs, we first think of ad revenue. This is because it is one of the easiest ways to make money. Services like Google AdSense are free to set up, track your revenue on an easy to read dashboard, and can be used with the Kalatu blogging platform through ad plugins. There are two keys to making money reliably through ads on your Kalatu blog. 

  • Update your content regularly. Ads are a hit and miss way of making money. You are paid through impressions, so you have to ensure your site gets traffic. While using keywords helps, the best way to ensure your Empower Network blog gets visits is to keep updating your content frequently, on a regular basis. It can be weekly, daily, or monthly, depending on the type of content you post and your time. The important thing is to keep your content flowing. 
  • Create targeted content. Programs like AdSense display ads based on the content on the page. A webpage related to pet care will have ads display about dog food, pet stores, and veterinary services. You can use this to your advantage. When you are preparing your blog posts and including key words, do not just focus on search engine key words. Check your content to make sure that your phrases and key words will keep your ads focused as well. If the ads on your page fit the content, your visitors are more likely to click.

Selling Your Talents through Your Blog

Do you have a craft? If you do, you can blog about it and use your blog on Kalatu to sell it. Whether you create jewelry, folk art, paintings, or hand baskets, you can sell your craft through your blog by talking about the process and displaying your handiwork through photos. You can sell directly through your Kalatu blog using a direct link to PayPal. You can instruct visitors to contact you via email for quotes on craft pieces and to discuss direct commissions. You can also direct them to your craft store on sites like Etsy and EBay. A Kalatu blog is a great way to reach potential customers and connect with them as a crafter and artist. 

Authors and Musicians, Link to Your Work

If you are a musician or an author, you can use your Empower Network blogging platform to help you connect to fans and promote your work. Discuss your current projects, share exclusive deals with your followers, and talk about topics that are close to your heart. Fans love to follow their favorite artists online, and musicians and authors have been taking advantage of blogging to reach and engage their audiences for years. On your blog, include links to places that your fans can purchase your latest work, remind them of your backlog of albums or books, and get them excited to share your blog on Kalatu with giveaways. 

Sometimes You Just Need to Ask

Not every blog is perfect for generating ad revenue or selling products. Sometimes you want your Kalatu blog to talk about very targeted and specific issues, such as politics, health, social issues, or the environment. For those types of blogs, you may not have a product to sell or good key words for ads. For these sites, you can still make money. Simply ask. You can include a PayPal link for donations or link to one of the many crowd-funding sources that welcome link backs from Empower Network's Kalatu blog. 

Whatever the purpose of your Kalatu blog, you have so many ways to reach visitors and generate income. Whether you need just a few extra dollars to save up for that special something or income to help support your family, the internet and Kalatu have ways to help you meet your goals. So start writing and decide how you want your blog to make money for you.


Article: Making Money with Your Blog, Worry Free

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