Saturday, January 3, 2015

Kalatu Blog Review Demo

Kalatu Blog Review Demo

The Bren & Mike Show

With Kalatu Empower Network, creating a blog and adding content is as easy as clicking a few buttons and typing a bit of text.  In this video, Bren and Mike demonstrate the Kalatu blogging system as they set it up for the very first time.  They show how easy it is to do, and throughout the video they comment on how they wished they had the Kalatu blog when they first started blogging for money. 

Having your own blog is essential if you want to promote anything online.  A blog is more powerful than a static website because with regard content Google will tend to rank you better.  Getting found in Google is essential to any business…. It is the new yellow pages. 

In the past creating and maintaining a blog website can be daunting.  It was extremely technical, confusing, and you still got stuck with what to create for content. 

Kalatu solves these major concerns because it takes advantage of the power of a WordPress blogging platform and add several wizards to make creating the blog, and then creating blog posts for content, extremely easy.  And when you are done with the 21-day blogging challenge where it helps you create content for 21 days to help grow your blog quickly, Kalatu has a tool to help you get content ideas for those days when you have writers block.

The creators of Kalatu at Empower Network have outdone themselves this time.  The Kalatu blog is highly recommend for both novice and experienced bloggers. 

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Kalatu Blog Review Demo

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